The duty of a Funeral Director

The daily life of a funeral director looks like being there with bereaved families by making the best funeral arrangements.

As a funeral director for a few years at Alifegrad, I have served many families from different cultural backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities. Death is the few things in life that we all have in common. Very often, it is not a journey of rainbows and sunshine, many situations are filled with grieve and sadness over someone who has passed on.

It is not commonly known and spoken about, but the journey as a funeral director can be very realistic when experiencing death at a close distance, forming new perspectives about life and death. Despite that, we must remain professional in our work. Working at non regular hours, travelling around, and comforting bereaved families has become the norm in this job.

At the end of the day, funeral arrangements are a way of helping people get through grieving for someone. It is a lot of pressure making sure everything goes smoothly, but it is a job that is fulfilling. When people come up to us and tell us ‘Thank you for arranging this for us’, it makes us feel a sense of achievement, that everything is worthwhile.