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A Group of Dedicated Individuals who strives to provide an honorable and memorable funeral service specially customise to each and every individual without losing the personal touch.

Families can customize their funeral packages according to their financial abilities and religious beliefs.


Our group of professional and dedicated staff can provide clear and transparent information of the funeral products and services to you; guiding you through this difficult time with compassion and respect, ensuring your personal and legal requirements are met.


With more than 15 years of experience, we provide a one-stop funeral service for all kinds of religion. 

A.Life Grad Funeral Services LLP as the name depicts, is the final graduation for everyone in Life.



Along with our personalized and quality service, we are committed to providing families with peace of mind and pleasant memories of their loved ones.


We have a group of passionate, reliable and professional staff who adhere to the highest level of competence and are dedicated to responding in a personalized manner to the needs of our clients.


We facilitate meaningful ways for families to commemorate the life of your loved ones and give them a proper farewell.

We strive to help families acknowledge and cope with the death of their loved one in positive and healthy ways.


A one stop funeral service for all.


Manpower / Embalming / Transportation

We provide experienced manpower support to more than 20 companies on transportation (transferring the body to a mortuary or funeral premises), setting up of funeral wake and funeral procession.


Our staff are respectful and have diverse knowledge about funeral related aspects.

All staff are well educated with good knowledge of our company standard funeral procedures.

Respectful, neat and smart is the main character of our staff.

VIN1977 General Services/ Established on December 2007

Import & retailer of Casket

We are One of the biggest casket suppliers in Singapore that imports an average of 80 caskets per month. Thus, we can offer you and your family an extensive choice of caskets, at a wide range of prices.


We are the appointed company for NUS and Singapore Brain Bank to provide services of transportation and handling of bodies donated for educational purposes.

We are also engaged by the NUS and Singapore Brain Bank to provide them with caskets for the bodies which are used by them for forensics studies.

Ace Casket / ​Established on March 2016


We aspire to be the funeral service of choice for all families in Singapore, known for our compassion, integrity and distinctiveness.


We are committed to be a progressive and innovative leader in providing affordable funeral and cremation services.


We will always be dedicated to provide meaningful and personalized service to the families with the highest level of ethics.

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