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This profession requires full dedication of the funeral assistance and director. They need to standby 24hours per day as no one can predict when our service will be required. Many times, during family gathering and dinner, our fathers will suddenly be ‘activated’ as they need to rush to the hospital or the deceased place. Many celebrations were left with only the children and woman. All the men would be busy with their works. We could vaguely remember during our early childhood days when we would wait patiently in the late evening for our fathers to come back in their “Byford” with some suppers or treats for us, never knowing how tired they could have been at work from dusk till dawn.

Running a family funeral business is not an easy feat. In 2007, our subsidiary company Vin1977 General Services was started to provide logistics and manpower support, well respected and trusted by more than 30 funeral related entities in Singapore till date.

In 2016, we decided to import our own caskets and hence Ace Casket was setup to provide better range & quality caskets at a more affordable prices.

Thanks to our supporting partners and clients for their trust throughout the years, A.LifeGrad Funeral Services LLP was established in 2019 and emerged as one of the fastest growing one-stop funeral related entities in Singapore with our own office, showroom, embalming facilities, storage facilities, distribution of caskets and funeral hearse to provide a meaningful yet affordable funeral products & services our customers.

Being a Funeral Director is not for the faint hearted. The amount of sacrifice, unpredictable workloads, and the emotional demands of the planning, arrangement, embalming, and cremation processes, forces us into a position where we feel “compassion fatigue.” Not to mention time to spend with our own family seems like a “dream” to most of us.

However, A.LifeGrad understands that death is unpredictable and inevitable thus we vow to dedicate our upmost efforts just like our forefathers to assist bereaved families to make funeral arrangements for their loved ones and “A Life Graduation ” ceremony that is well remembered.

A.LifeGrad Funeral Services LLP


VIN1977 General Services/ Established on December 2007

Manpower / Embalming / Transportation

We provide experienced manpower support to more than 20 companies on transportation (transferring the body to a mortuary or funeral premises), setting up of funeral wake and funeral procession.

Our staff are respectful and have diverse knowledge about funeral related aspects.

All staff are well educated with good knowledge of our company standard funeral procedures.

Respectful, neat and smart is the main character of our staff.

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Ace Casket / ​Established on March 2016

Import & retailer of Casket

We are One of the biggest casket suppliers in Singapore that imports an average of 80 caskets per month. Thus, we can offer you and your family an extensive choice of caskets, at a wide range of prices.

We are the appointed company for NUS and Singapore Brain Bank to provide services of transportation and handling of bodies donated for educational purposes.

We are also engaged by the NUS and Singapore Brain Bank to provide them with caskets for the bodies which are used by them for forensics studies.