Buddhist Funeral Services in Singapore

We help you organise simple, solemn and dignified Buddhist funeral services in Singapore. We are fully committed to assisting bereaved families in conducting meaningful funeral and memorial services to cherish the memory of their departed loved ones. Our funeral directors will be available to provide their full support during this difficult time, whether it be through offering professional guidance, leading family members through the service, or coordinating tasks.

Why Select A.LifeGrad Buddhist Funeral Package?

Our Buddhist funeral packages in Singapore are designed to encompass all aspects of a Buddhist funeral. Everything from the casket and food offerings to the reception setup and praying items will be carefully chosen, with the venue arranged appropriately for the service. We ensure that the funeral and memorial services are carried out in accordance with Buddhist traditions, as well as the funeral needs and preferences of loved ones.

Buddhist Funerals in Singapore

Despite the diverse schools of Buddhism across the globe, the belief in samsara, or the cycle of life and death, is one of the distinguishing elements of Buddhist philosophy. Buddhists believe in the concepts of rebirth and the final liberation of the soul through enlightenment. According to the Buddhist worldview, death is an inevitable stage in the cycle of life, and one’s actions in this life will be carried over to their future incarnations. This fundamental principle is shared across all schools of Buddhism and it is the rationale behind funeral practices observed in Buddhist funeral services in Singapore.

Once someone passes away, Buddhists believe their spirit lingers close by before it transits to a new life. This new life, however, will be influenced by their actions in this life and all past lifetimes. It is where the Buddhist concept of karma, or the cosmic law of cause and effect, comes into play. This entire process of death and rebirth can be likened to a flame passing from one candle to the next.

Peace and serenity are the cornerstones of a Buddhist funeral. Despite the differences in traditions among various schools of Buddhism, most families honour a deceased member with a funeral service and an altar. It will usually be a simple ceremony led by monks that involves traditional practices such as prayers and meditation. Cremation or burial is often performed following Buddhist funeral services in Singapore.


A Buddhist funeral in Singapore is typically held over the course of 3 to 5 days. However, this can sometimes be extended to 7 days. As odd numbers carry a sense of ‘becoming’ and even numbers are considered ‘complete,’ Buddhist funerals are held over an odd number of days.

Buddhist funerals are simple ceremonies held in a family home, a funeral parlour, or a void deck. The location is determined by the preference of the deceased or the family, as well as the religious traditions they follow. The cost of a Buddhist funeral package in Singapore can vary depending on where it is hosted.

When learning about the loss of a loved one, it is customary to send a sympathy card to the family of the deceased. While food offerings are allowed, anything in red is considered inappropriate as it is the colour of joy. Moreover, donations to charitable organisations are also accepted.

Yes, sending flowers to be displayed at the wake or funeral ceremony is acceptable during Buddhist funerals. Mourners can send white flowers to the family prior to the service or bring them to the funeral. Visitors may place these flowers on the funeral altar to convey their sympathies to the family. However, presenting crimson blossoms is not appropriate.

During Buddhist funeral services in Singapore, the family traditionally wears white to show respect for the deceased. Attendees can wear white, black, or any other neutral-coloured clothing that allows them to sit or kneel comfortably during the ceremony. Displays of affluence through attire and accessories are frowned upon.

While there are no established guidelines for Buddhist funeral services, they will include an open-casket funeral, a burial or cremation, and a memorial service at the end. A funeral altar with flowers, fruits, and incense is created for mourners to pay their respects to the deceased. Typically, monks will lead prayer and meditation sessions throughout the funeral service.

Once they have paid their respects to the deceased, guests will take a seat and wait for the service to begin. As monks lead the Buddhist funeral services in Singapore, the mourners are expected to be mindful to follow their lead in terms of sitting and standing. Monks will deliver sermons and chant throughout the ceremony, while guests familiar with the deceased will deliver eulogies. Visitors who are unfamiliar with chanting are welcome to join in silence.

Buddhists can choose between burial and cremation, and it will depend on the preference of the deceased or the family. However, due to the scarcity of land in Singapore and the Buddhist belief in reincarnation, most Buddhists prefer to be cremated.

Cremation is believed to be an important practice for releasing the soul from its physical vessel. Buddhists often follow this custom, as Gautama Buddha, the spiritual teacher of Buddhism, was cremated on a funeral pyre.

In Buddhism, the period of mourning after the loss of a loved one can last up to 49 days. Families pray for their departed ones every seven days for a period of seven weeks. The prayers are meant to facilitate the transition of the deceased into the afterlife. Furthermore, families in mourning will refrain from celebratory activities until the 100th day after the passing of their loved one.