Christian Funeral Services in Singapore

As a one-stop professional funeral services provider, we offer a wide range of funerary service packages, including Christian funeral packages in Singapore. We have a team of experienced funeral directors and undertakers who can help grieving families plan and carry out a Christian funeral ceremony with due respect. When organising Christian funerals, we work with the family of the departed and other involved parties to finalise all details and timings related to the ceremony.

Why Select A.LifeGrad Christian Funeral Package?

We provide Christian funeral packages for services held at both void decks and Christian funeral parlours in Singapore. Our team will take care of everything from embalming and coffin selection to setting up the venue and post-funeral services throughout the ceremony. The value of our Christian funeral package may vary depending on the venue and the arrangements required.

We will coordinate with the churches when organising Christian funeral services, as different churches will have slightly varied funeral ceremony practices. Family and friends in mourning will have plenty of opportunities to pay their respects to the departed during the service and before burial or cremation.

Christian Funerals in Singapore

The core beliefs of the Christian faith revolve around the concepts of heaven, hell, and purgatory, as well as the idea that the choices people make in life determine the eternal destination of their souls. Those who live righteously will go to heaven, while those who sin will end up in hell. Christians believe purgatory is a necessary step for people who have committed forgivable sins before they can enter heaven.

A Christian funeral in Singapore often consists of a wake, a funeral service, a committal service, and a reception or a meal following the service. During the wake, the body is displayed for loved ones to pay their final respects. The funeral service focuses on praying, honouring the memory of the departed and comforting those in mourning. Once the body is at the cemetery or crematorium for committal service, the pastor will offer the final blessings. After the funeral, a reception or meal is arranged to share memories and offer condolences during this difficult time. Hymn and prayer readings are continuously carried out throughout the ceremony to assist the soul of the departed on their journey.


While a Christian funeral ceremony is typically held for two or three days after the death of a loved one, it can also be held up to a week afterwards. A service can be held on any day of the week; however, they are not usually held on Sundays. Furthermore, regardless of the denomination, Christian funerals feature particular ceremonial components that families observe diligently before laying their loved ones to rest. This can also affect the duration of the service.

When attending a Christian funeral, it is always best to wear modest and smart attire in black or dark colours. Bright and colourful clothes are frowned upon for the occasion; however, a head covering is not required. As a general rule, it is respectful to dress in clothes that cover the knees and shoulders as they help mourners to blend in with the crowd.

Sympathy gifts, be it flowers or a card, are not required, but they are accepted and often appreciated at Christian funerals. They allow visitors to express their love and respect for the deceased while also offering consolation to the mourning family members. Flowers, in general, symbolise growth, a new beginning, and moving forward. In addition to flowers, guests can present sympathy cards, food, memorial items, and even donations to honour the death of the loved one.

Christian funeral customs are a set of beliefs and practices that must be observed when a loved one passes away. They consist of prayers, bible readings, and eulogies presented throughout the funeral service, as well as the rite of committal. All of these customs and rituals are intended to help the soul of the deceased enter the afterlife while also comforting and supporting the grieving.

In general, a Christian funeral is tailored to the wishes of the deceased or the aggrieved family. As reliable funeral directors in Singapore, we offer customised Christian funeral packages to meet these needs. The service will take place in a family home, a funeral parlour, a void deck, or a church, as well as a cemetery or crematorium. Before the funeral, friends and family will gather for a wake to share memories of the deceased as a tradition. They will also pray, conduct a sermon, sing hymns, read poems, play music, and have a family member or friend deliver an eulogy as a tribute to the deceased.

A Christian funeral ceremony usually takes around an hour to complete. However, this can vary depending on whether or not a funeral mass is included in the proceedings. While a mass is not often included in Christian funerals, if added, it will extend the entire service by at least 30 minutes. During the mass, The priest will deliver the Eucharist Prayer and Holy Communion.

The rite of committal, the final component of a Christian funeral, occurs at the cemetery or the burial site. It is the final rite performed by a priest, during which the body of the deceased is formally transferred to its final resting place. It is where the mourners bid their last farewell to their loved ones.

Traditionally, burial is favoured above cremation in Christianity, as cremation clashes with Christian beliefs regarding the afterlife and resurrection. However, due to the lack of burial land in Singapore, cremation is becoming more popular among Christians. If a loved one is cremated, the church requests that the ashes be buried rather than scattered to the wind. Through the Christian funeral packages we offer, A.LifeGrad funeral services also take care of reserving burial or cremation slots.

Following cremation, the bereaved family will receive the ashes placed in an urn, which will be either kept or scattered in a meaningful place for the deceased. Usually, the ashes are stored in columbarium niches if they are not scattered. These niches are available at both government and privately managed columbaria. If the family wishes to scatter the ashes, they can go ahead with the highly popular ‘Ash Scattering,’ in which the ashes will be dispersed onto the designated ash scattering lanes at Garden of Peace.

Christians commonly observe a 40-day period of mourning following a funeral and at the end of this period, they may opt to organise a memorial service for the departed. It can be a private or invited event, similar to a funeral wake, with activities and refreshments provided for the guests.