Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)

Discuss within the family if the deceased have left any instructions on how the funeral is going to be arrange?

Where the wake will be held? Durations of the wake etc. In due respect of his/ her last wishes, our funeral director will follow accordingly to the best of our capabilities.

Based on the market availability, current rules, policies and regulations set by individual governing authorities.

Prepare a presentable set of clothing for the deceased to wear – such as a suit/dress that he/she would prefer or wore for any past event.

which includes the undergarments, socks, shoes, and any other accessories that he / she prefers.

*If not you can check with our funeral director what are the options available

Decide on one photograph to be enlarged for the funeral service. whether its hard copy or soft copy, the same photo may also be use for orbituaries, niches or gifts for memorial sake.

*Our funeral director can assist with the necessary photoshop editing.

Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-religious society. Therefore, racial and religious harmony is vital for Singapore’s social cohesion.

Religious service plays an important part in funerals. In any case there was a switch in religion during the deceased’s final days,
family members will have to decide on the preferred religious ritual for the funeral service.

*Our funeral directors will advise professionally without any bias for any religion

For burial in Singapore, the burial grounds are separated into different sections or areas based on religion @ choa chu kang cemetries.

For cremation, there are 3 options available as of now. For all religions, it can be done at the Mandai Government Crematorium.
Whereas for Buddhists or Taoists, it can be done at private crematorium @ Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery (also known as Bright Hill Temple), or at Tse Toh Aum Temple.

* Our funeral directors will advise accordingly based on the availability, rules, policies and regulations set by each individual respective crematorium

Ashes may be stored at either government-managed columbarium, private temples, or churches based on religion. (Do check out some of the columbarium in Singapore from our blog)

* Our funeral directors will assist with purchasing a prefered niche of your choice and advise accordingly.

As Singapore faces ageing populations and low birth rates like many countries in the region, the family nucleus is smaller as compared to the past.

Thus praying or paying respect on several occasions a year becomes a great hassle for small families. You would be surprised that many deceased before parting left instructions for their cremated remains to be scattered in gardens or at the sea.

Reason being that they do not want to burden their next generations with this hassel. As our general population lives to an older age, there are also many cases where the deceased outlives or does not have any surviving next of kin, so niches become unnecessary. Inland ash scattering thus becomes a popular choice in recent years as compared to sea burial.

This is because it is a form of environmental green burial and you can still pay respect or tribute at the garden where the ashes are being scattered and absorbed into the soil.

* our funeral directors can advise accordingly