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Funeral Pre-Planning in Singapore

When it comes to funeral pre-planning in Singapore, just as with other areas in life, timing and choice are both critical factors. Planning your funeral ahead of time can make you feel uneasy, since most of us do not enjoy thinking about death or funerals. However, looking into pre-arranging your funeral is a sensible thing to do as it ensures that your loved ones are not burdened with difficult decisions during your funeral proceedings.

When you plan ahead for your funeral, you can specify how you want things to be handled after your death. With pre-arranged funeral plans, you can personalise every aspect of the funeral and memorial to your liking, including the type of funeral, reception style, funeral home, and more. You can also choose between cremation and burial and make any other ceremony arrangements that align with your preferences and unique personality.

Why Select A.LifeGrad Freethinker Funeral Service Package?

Our freethinker funeral service package is designed specifically for individuals interested in funeral pre-planning in Singapore. We understand the difficulties faced by bereaved families during such a challenging time, and by offering this package, we aim to make the funeral arrangement process more manageable and comforting. With this package, families can be assured that the funeral ceremony will reflect the wishes of their loved ones. Pre-planning funeral services prepare you mentally and financially for the inevitable. Therefore, if you are able to plan your funeral in advance, do so without delay. It is perfectly fine if you are not familiar with every aspect of funeral preparation; we are here to help. Our funeral directors are industry experts who will guide you through the planning process and assist you in selecting the best services for your requirements. When the time comes, we will honour your wishes and handle your funeral with due dignity and respect.


When a person makes arrangements for their funeral while they are still alive, it is known as funeral pre-planning. This can be done days, months, or years ahead of time, and it allows people to choose what happens to their bodies and remains after their death. With funeral pre-planning in Singapore, you can now arrange your final farewell to reflect your individuality.

Planning your funeral in advance relieves your family of financial and logistical burdens, as well as ‘emotional overspending,’ which occurs when people spend more than necessary out of guilt or grief. It also allows you to organise a final farewell based on your preferences and with your own personal touch. Additionally, these pre-arranged funeral plans are cost-efficient and minimise the likelihood of arguments that may arise among family members.

Pre-planning a funeral when you are young and healthy allows you to make decisions with a clear mind. While there is no set age for beginning funeral pre-planning in Singapore, most people wait until they are in their thirties or older to start preparing. As funerals are expensive, making a proper financial plan to pay for one as soon as possible allows people to be prepared for unexpected scenarios.

When starting to pre-plan a funeral, there are two main aspects to consider. First, determine the type of ceremonies and events you would like to have at your funeral. These are mainly details related to the funeral venue and the funeral wake, as well as whether you want to be buried or cremated. The next step is to decide on the personal touches you want for the event. These include details such as memorial locations, individuals to deliver eulogies, charities to donate to in your memory, and so on.

To begin funeral pre-planning in Singapore, first, look into the steps to follow when a death occurs. Inform your family members about the formalities and the necessary documentation in this circumstance. Next, determine whether you want to be cremated or buried and secure your slot ahead of time. When it comes to cremation, you can also decide on how to scatter or store the ashes. Once these are completed, consider following the steps stated below. 

  • Select a coffin and decide on the sealing. 
  • Decide on the type and duration of the funeral service
  • Choose the location for the funeral wake 
  • Inform the funeral rites you wish to have performed (funeral items and religious personnel)
  • Other services for the guests (refreshments and mobile restrooms)

Once these are resolved, explore your payment options and determine what works best for you.

The funeral directors you choose will determine your ability to amend or update your funeral pre-plans. Certain components of a pre-planning funeral service can be easily changed, while others may be difficult to alter. Sometimes, these changes can incur additional costs. If you have any concerns regarding this, it is best to address them with your chosen funeral directors and decide on how to proceed.

The best way to ensure that your final wishes are carried out after your demise is to select a close family member and appoint them to oversee all the arrangements. Inform them beforehand of any preferences you have for the occasion, and have contingency plans in place for unexpected circumstances. Another important step is to make sure that all necessary payments have been completed and, if not, to set aside the necessary funds to fulfil your wishes.