How To Select A Good Funeral Parlour

You have just lost your loved one, you are looking for parlours that offer good funeral arrangements to send them off in the most dignified and respected manner.

How do you find the best arrangement? Read on before making your decision on funeral companies.

How is a Good Funeral Parlour like?

Several Points to Consider.

A good funeral parlour is inclusive of helpful and empathetic staff who can understand your loss and grieve, with well-maintained facilities, one stop funeral services, affordable funeral services, and some recognition locally.

Helpful and empathetic staff

The staff at a funeral parlour would be the ones you will work with the most. When dealing with loss, things can get overwhelming and handling death could be hard for you. Staff should be marked by professionalism, to ensure that the funeral arrangement would work best for you, to be able to hold a funeral with respect for you loved ones.

Well-maintained Facilities

Regardless of your budget options, it is crucial for facilities to be well-maintained regularly. From the hearses, the coffin, to the small things like the tables and chairs, it should be clean and a comfortable experience for everyone present.

One-Stop Funeral Services

A funeral parlour with one stop funeral services may offers different arrangements which includes Buddhism, Taoism, Christian, Soka, Freethinker and more. A good funeral parlour should cater well to your religious needs, convictions, beliefs, cultural heritage. They should also be able to work hand in hand if you choose to purchase certain items – imported or from online.

Affordable Funeral Services

If price is an important factor to your decision, likewise for many others, you should decide the budget that you would go with. Deciding which funeral parlour to work with is like any other purchases you make. A good parlour will have clear and transparent prices that states the services that is included in the funeral packages they offer. Good funeral companies should have quality services regardless the budget amount – from cheap funeral services to luxurious funerals, they should be able to deliver quality services with excellence.


Good funeral companies should have a certain level of recognition, at least within the country it is in. In this day and age where technology has shaped our lives so differently, many people have started to turn to reviews and recommendation on social media pages, websites and forums to find out more information from people who have engaged the company’s services. Good parlours would have good recommendations, to show that they are reliable to handle a funeral arrangement well. There may be some parlours who offer packages might have hidden costs that you would never find out, that is why recognition of a good parlour is important.

How to Select a Good Funeral Parlour?

Here are some tips for you to consider when making your decision.

Decide the Kind of Funeral Arrangement that is Best Suited

It is a common understanding that you want only the best for your beloved. There are companies who offer packages and throw in different free items, companies that customize to the services and items you need. Regardless of whether you want to keep things to the simplest or have extra services that are least unheard of – karaoke boxes or hanging favorite artwork around, you should look for a parlour that is well able to cater to your wants and needs.

Narrow Down your Choices

Check reviews if you need or compare pricings. You need to find out which factor plays the biggest part in your choice – the flexibility of your budget, type of funeral arrangement, location of funeral service, special religious services, entertainment etc. This would help you narrow down to the company that you would work with.

Visit or Contact Different Funeral Parlours, Ask Questions

Contact different funeral parlours to compare prices and to find out what their packages/price list includes. Most of them have website now for you to view the caskets, urns, hearses, and other items to choose from. Ask around for helpful and trustworthy people that is sensitive to your religious and cultural needs. Ask questions that you might have about the process and the next few steps you can take. It can be a process that might be hard for you while grieving for your beloved one, find companies who are able to support you even emotionally.

Get Different Quotations.

Discuss your funeral arrangement choice with your family, get quotations for comparison. Some quotations might be simple, others being more complicated. An itemized list and cost would help you understand the price of each item and service and discuss it with your family. This would ensure an informed decision. Take note that you are also able to get items online if you would want to do so, this can potentially save you many costs.

Factor in transportation costs

There might be transportations costs that may differ due to distance and mode of transport. Here are a few places that may have extra costs to move the body:

  • Location of the wake
  • Location of funeral service
  • Location of cemetery, columbarium, or crematorium
  • Other transport costs – buses or vans for the bereaved etc.

Put your Final Wishes, Words, and Arrangements in Writing

If you are someone who wishes to plan your own funeral in advance, ensure that you have that writing in record and for your family’s acknowledgement, so they know what you desire. Write specifically about the arrangement you need, special items/services you wish to have, even the choice of casket! A good funeral parlour will be well prepared and do their best to fulfill final wishes with honor and respect.

One-stop Funeral Services at Alifegrad

If you are looking for a funeral arrangement that well suits your budget, choice of arrangement, Alifegrad aims to provide respectful funeral services that is personalized to your needs. We provide one stop funeral services that caters for all religions and to help bereaved families cope with losing a loved one.