Death and funerals are not topics anyone likes to think about, let alone discuss. However, there will come a time when we must leave this mortal coil, and it will require a funeral. While funerals in Singapore may appear simple to plan in theory, they can be quite challenging to manage in practice. It is primarily due to the funeral occurring during the grieving process, making it an unpleasant and stressful experience for the planner. Funeral pre-planning in Singapore is an ideal solution to make things easier for your family while ensuring you get the send-off you deserve.

Planning your funeral ahead of time can relieve your family of the logistical and financial obligations they will face after your death, as well as allow you to tailor the service to your preferences. While some people may be comfortable with preparing for their funerals, it is understandable if you find it difficult and overwhelming. Moreover, there is no requirement to plan everything down to the last detail.

To make things a little easier for you, we have compiled a step-by-step guide, including benefits, tips to get started, and the critical stages of funeral pre-planning in Singapore.

Getting Started

Planning ahead of time allows you to select specific products or services for your funeral and make informed judgments about funeral arrangements. You can also compare funeral home rates and consult with one directly to make the appropriate arrangements on your behalf. This relieves your loved ones of the stress of making these decisions under time limits and high emotions.

Choosing where your remains will be buried, entombed, or scattered after the funeral is a crucial decision to make during funeral pre-planning in Singapore. Similarly, you need to decide whether you want to pay for your arrangements in advance or after the funeral. Keep in mind that prices can rise or decline over time, resulting in varied commercial outcomes. As a result, review and revise your decision every few years, and keep your family informed of your choices. Make a written record of your wishes and give copies to family members and the attorney. You can also keep a backup somewhere safe and convenient, just in case.

Steps of Funeral Pre-Planning

Funeral Home

The first step in funeral pre-planning in Singapore is to select a funeral home that will handle all of the details on your behalf. When making this decision, consider your long-term goals and your location, as the funeral home you choose must be close to where you live. Once you have found a suitable one, you can inquire about their prices and packages. Depending on your requirements and budget, they will have several options or may be willing to customise some of their existing packages for you.

Inform them of your decision to be buried or cremated and any memorial services you require following the funeral. They will work with a cemetery or crematory to reserve a space for you and coordinate your burial or cremation.

Service Type

One more important decision to make while pre-planning is the style of service you require for your funeral. There are several services to choose from, and you can select one or more based on your preferences.

The funeral service is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a final send-off. During this service, the body is presented in an open or closed casket for mourners to pay their respects. In addition to the funeral, you have three other ceremonies for selection. They are listed below.

  • The graveside service is held at the deceased’s final resting place and is typically included in the funeral service. It can, however, be held separately as well.
  • Following a burial or cremation, memorial services are held in memory of the deceased.
  • A life celebration is a joyous and upbeat event conducted to honour the deceased’s life.

You can select whichever service you prefer from the list above and decide to whom you want to assign each service. For example, you can request your funeral director to arrange your funeral with a graveside service while asking your close friends and family to hold a memorial in your honour.


There are also some ceremonies within a funeral service concerning which you must make selections. They vary according to religion, but some ceremonies are shared across various cultures.

You can specify which rites and customs you wish your guests to observe during your wake and reception. If your religion or culture has specific grieving rituals, you must include them in your funeral pre-planning in Singapore.

Person in Charge

When the time comes, you should delegate the responsibility for carrying out your funeral wishes to someone. While funeral directors can assist you with planning, someone from your family should be involved in the execution. This person can be a sibling, spouse, child, or close friend, and you can also include a backup person for added convenience.


You have the option of choosing the place for your funeral, and this location could be a funeral house, a void deck, or another appropriate area. You also have more alternatives than ever before when it comes to selecting your final resting place.

Special Arrangements

Suppose you want a personalised funeral with modest details to remind attendees of you; it can be added to your pre-arranged funeral plans. As you have complete control over the proceedings, you can choose how the following elements will be performed at your funeral.

  • Who is the officiant you want leading your funeral service?
  • Would you like a funeral procession? Who should be included?
  • Would you like a friend or family member to deliver your eulogy?
  • What prayers or readings do you prefer at your funeral?
  • Do you have any specific music preferences?
  • Is there anyone you would like to invite who isn’t close friends or family?
  • What special requirements do you have in order to make this event feel more personalised?

Specific details can help to make a funeral service truly memorable. Therefore, consider what is most important to you and make your decisions accordingly.

Final Arrangements 

Last but not least, make your final arrangements. As the funeral home is usually in charge of this, when pre-planning your funeral, you will come across these possibilities.

Inform the funeral directors and make the required arrangements if you have any final requests, such as organ donation, how to store your remains after cremation, or how you want to be buried.

Funeral Pre-Planning in Singapore

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