Planning Ahead

Why Pre Planning is important?

  1. Saving your loved ones from making painful decisions ‘when the time comes” without knowing what you desire ultimately
  2. Sercuring cost without adding financial burden to your family.
  3. To have total control over your distribution of assets to prevent dispute among the beneficiaries.
  4. It is a gift of selfless love and concern for your family & loved ones.

In Singapore, we are facing ageing poulation just like the rest of the countries in the region.

Singapore has one of the longest life expectancy and the lowest fertinity rates in the world today.
Based on statistics 1 of every 6 in 2020 and in 2030 1 of every 4 Singaporean will live to well age of over 65 years of age.

As many of us strive to achieve our goals in life regardless of family, career or financial freedom during our younger days.
Only to settle down much later stage in life, thus the age gap between the child and the parents may increase from 28 to 38 years.
Not to mention increasing numbers of Singaporeans that remains single, divorced or widowed.

The ultimate question is, when we aged or “when the time has comes” who can help you execute the right decision at that point?
Is there something or someone that can be trusted to help you to ensure that your last wishes are fullfilled?
Is there a way to reflect on what matters to you and what makes your life journey meaningful?

> Which kind of medical healthcare preferences would you prefer?

> How would you want to be taken cared for at the end of life?

> How would you want your funeral wishes to be executed?

> Who would be the spokeperson to decide on my personal welfare and property affairs if you have lost your mental capabilities ?

> How you would want your assets to be managed or distributed when the time comes?

Have a conversation about your preferences with our funeral directors with no obligations
We will walk through step by step together on how you can achieve to plan for future medical care and post-death matters.
And most importantly, your confidentiality will be safe with us at A.lifegrad funeral Services LLP