Hexagon imperial white

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Hexagon imperial white

This series of products has been around for the longest period of time since the 1700s, it’s design is inspired from the Western part of the world.

Hexagon design is said to best suit the shape of a human body with more room at the shoulder area and tapered in to better fit the narrow feet-end.

During early days in western countries the hexagon design also helps to “save” wood materials as compared to the normal rectangle casket.

Although as said, the hexogon design makes it more challenging for the coffin makers to yield even till present days.

Since then it remains as a popular choice mainly used associated with Christian and Roman Catholic funerals.

The Hexogon Series comes 2 colours Hazel with the choice of gold roses, cross , crucifix and name plate ornaments
Or the Imperial white with the choice of silver roses, cross , crucifix and name plate ornaments

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