Octagon hazel lotus

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Octagon hazel lotus

Since Dharma spreading in Singapore from the late 80s, the demand for Dharma themed casket has grown tremendously

Thus the Lotus series was introduced as a more “premium” product against the plain casket series and remain a popular choice ever since

Each of them have “11” Lotus sigils altogether which represent balance, fullness in reaching enlightenment in Dharma

Lotus flowers play a vital role in Buddhism. They generally represent spiritual awakening, purity, and faithfulness.

One reason is that the lotus flower blooms in muddy water. Buddhism teaches the transcendence of human life is like the “lotus flower” and the “muddy water” as the harsh realities of daily life.

The second aspect is that when a lotus flower blossoms it also plants a seed, representing the Buddhist concept of cause (因) and effect (果)

The lotus sigil are embedded on top the and around the side of the casket, set in different colours for with different meanings in Buddhism:

The yellow lotus symbolize joy and intellectual curiosity within spiritualism. The bright blooms also reference openness and hospitality.

The Pink lotus flower is the supreme lotus or the centre colour for all lotus and is considered to be the true lotus of Buddha.

The white lotus flower is known to symbolize Bodhi (awakened), and represents a state of mental purity, and that of spiritual perfection.

The gold lotus flower symbolize complete and total enlightenment often represents the Buddha. It also represents having achieved all that can be achieved.

The Dark lotus flower symbolize a strong meaning of power, sophistication, insurgence, rebirth, and mystery.



Octagon Series – colour (Hazel Polished)

Octagon casket were introduce in the early 1980s to Singapore, it symbolisze the “Eight Symbols” 八卦 in chinese feng shui culture

It can also be known as Eight Nature – Heaven(乾), Earth(坤), Water(坎), Fire(离), Wind(巽), Thunder(震), Mountain(艮) and Lake(兌)

Eight Directions – north, south, east, west….. Eight Seasons – spring, summer, autum, winter….. Family and individual Personality

Each trigram has a polar opposite on the bagua octogan, this is designed to maintain the proper balance of yin yang energy.

Octagon is most commonly seen as symbol of protection to ward off negative energy and rebirth in represent the fundamental principles of reality in taoism.

Hazel is consider as a traditional color, commonly use with roses, lotus and “福寿” ornaments in associate with Taoist funeral in Singapore.

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