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Roman Catholic Funeral Services in Singapore


Our Roman Catholic funeral services in Singapore are designed to support bereaved families and loved ones with empathy and respect throughout the funeral process. Hence, we meticulously plan all aspects of a Roman Catholic funeral service, including the wake, the funeral mass, burial or cremation, and the post-funeral memorial service. With our extensive experience in the funeral service business, we ensure that the ceremony will be conducted in accordance with the traditions and customs of the Roman Catholic faith.


Roman Catholic Funeral Package in Singapore


Our Roman Catholic funeral packages are based on the venue of the funeral service, which can be either a void deck or a Roman Catholic church funeral parlour in Singapore. These thoughtfully put together packages include everything required to conduct a dignified Roman Catholic funeral service in Singapore. Our team will attend to all arrangements, from receiving the body and reserving the burial grounds or crematorium to ash collection. We understand that this is a very emotionally demanding time for the bereaved family. By managing these logistical aspects, we make it possible for grieving families to mourn and honour the memory of their departed in peace.

Roman Catholic Funerals in Singapore


Similar to any other Roman Catholic ceremony, a Roman Catholic funeral service in Singapore is full of rituals and traditions. It is a time for mourners to gather with their loved ones and reflect on the life of the departed, which can be both a sombre and healing experience.

In the Roman Catholic faith, multiple ceremonies are held to honour the memory of the deceased. The funeral process begins with a vigil service, often known as a wake or rosary service. It is a time for all those who wish to pay their respects, engage in the reading of prayers and singing of hymns, and share words of consolation with the family. Next is the funeral mass, a formal ceremony held at a Roman Catholic church to symbolise the soul’s return to God and passage into the afterlife. Following it is the committal service, where the deceased is committed to their eternal resting place.

Each ceremony in the Roman Catholic funeral service has its own set of traditions and customs. Depending on their relationship with the departed, people may attend only one or all of these ceremonies.