In Buddhism, death is not the end but a transition to a renewed life.

Assist your loved ones on their journey towards their new existence.


In Taoism, life and death are inextricably woven, with the soul being reborn in another being.

Assist your loved one by arranging a Taoist funeral which includes the chanting of Buddhist Sutras.


In Christianity, death is the end of a person’s earthly life and the glorious beginning of eternal life in Heaven.

Send your loved one home to be with God by arranging a Christian Funeral.

Roman Catholic

In Catholicism, death marks the end of an individual’s pilgrimage on earth and a joyful return to the Heavenly Father.

Send your loved ones home to God with a beautiful Catholic funeral.


In Soka, death is viewed as the reaching of enlightenment for the person who has passed on.

Funerals are kept simple so that family and friends can mourn in a profound and empathetic way.

Plan a simple, yet moving funeral for your loved one.

pre funeral planning

Free Thinker

For free thinkers, death marks the end of one’s life and consciousness. 

At A.LifeGrad Funeral Services, we proudly provide non religious services which can be catered to the family’s request.


At A.LifeGrad Funeral Services, we offer repatriation services to bring your loved ones home. Choose between land, air or sea transport.

 We are committed to help you in this painful process.

Planning Ahead

Why Pre Planning is important?

Saving your loved ones from making painful decisions ‘when the time comes” without knowing what you desire ultimately

Sercuring cost without adding financial burden to your family.