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Impeccable Experience!

By Valerie L.

Letting go of a loved one is never easy, in fact a very difficult process and we are very fortunate to have found Vincent (Funeral Director) and his magnificent team, living up to their reputation and surpassing our expectation to our recent bereavement.

They genuinely understand experiencing the death of a loved one for the first time can be confusing and scary and can lead to questions about death, death related rituals, and grief. No words can adequately expressed the immediate personalized attention Vincent has given at the time of need.



Dear Vincent and Team, we want to say a BIG thank you for being extraordinary in providing great comfort to my aunt and family and of conveying the serenity and gentle guidance with the death and funeral process.

Your prompt, sincere, attention to details, complete care services were commendable. You have put us at ease, while allowing us to focus on comforting each other as we prepare to say goodbye to our beloved loss, June’s loving Dad.

It’s rare to see the special touches like providing servicing staff for a charitable cause, flowers pots on tastefully decorated table. It is these little unexpected acts of kindness that are worth more than gold.

Needless to say, the last journey was professionally managed and the whole process was simply seamless! We have received so many compliments on how beautifully everything was perfectly handled.

Thank you once again in helping to make a beautiful tribute to the man, my aunt and June loved and adored, giving them, a living memorial gift. 
“A Funeral is not day in a lifetime, it is a Lifetime in a day” Indeed! Keep up the good work and we will not hesitate to recommend your services to others. Thanks again!

Genuine In Providing

By Lina K.

On behalf of the Koh’s & our extended family, I would like to sincerely thank all dedicated staff of A.Life Grad Funeral Services LLP for providing us with an excellent one-stop professional service arrangement for our mother/grandmother/great grandmother's funeral.

Special thanks must be accorded to Mr John Pang (Funeral Advisor) for his dedicated service in advising and coordinating all the numerous complex tasks at different stages of the wake for us. Without him, we would have been at a total lost right from the start. All these services were painstakingly explained to us in detail, whenever we were in doubt at the funeral site by John. John and team made decision-making so much easier and attended to all the details, so that we could fully focus on receiving our relatives and friends during the duration of the wake & prayer session, in memory of our dear mother/grandmother/great grandmother.

Losing someone who was extremely close and dear to us was extremely heart-wrenching. John and his team were very genuine in providing a professional and personalised service - They were very attentive and sensitive to our needs and could empathise with us during our time of grief.

The wake set up was nicely decorated and exuded a serene atmosphere. Relatives & friends from different religious groups complimented that it projected a sense of peacefulness. The tables were pleasantly decorated with skirting and pots of flowers. This took many of us by surprise. There were even two dedicated service staff who assisted to clear and serve drinks on a daily basis.

John and his team had definitely projected a professional image for the funeral service industry. It was neither cold nor morbid. Through their warm actions, they were able to empathise and understand our loss. The serene setting erased the morbid nature of death.

I strongly recommend Mr John Pang and his team from A.Life Grad Funeral Services LLP for their professional one-stop funeral service. Many friends and relatives also asked us for your contact.

A Big Thank You & Keep Up the Good Work!

Professionalism and efficiency

By Mr Chua HH

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank the team at A.Life Grad for making the

arrangements for the funeral service of our late mother.


The team’s professionalism and efficiency in handling the arrangements made the final

send-off for our late mother a smooth one.


A special thanks to Mr Sunny who not only explained the various procedures

patiently and the necessary paperwork required at each stage of the procedure, he was always around to cater to our needs during this difficult times for us.

My mum passed away quite suddenly one evening at home. It was really great that Sunny Thng could come over very quickly and could help recommend a doctor to certify even (as we don’t have a family doctor)!

He was also a great help overseeing everything and making sure everything was brought in when it was needed! He was also there to advise on the practices or prayer rituals that I had to go through. Even compiling a list of dates for follow up prayers and what to prepare!


Overall a very good and seamless one-stop experience from start till cremation and eventually placing the urn into the niche!


Thank you so much Sunny and A.Life Grad Funeral Services!


By Mr Eugene Tan

Seamless one-stop experience

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