Things You Must-Know When Planning a Funeral in Singapore

The loss of a loved one is never an easy acceptance. The emotional pain you experience during such times makes planning funeral services, an even more painful process. Unfortunately, funeral services cannot be avoided. Regardless of the pain, one must arrange for funeral services for the respected individual, giving them a final graduation in life. In this digital world, the younger generation may be clueless or have limited knowledge about funeral arrangements and religious practices. With over 15 years of experience, we have identified three things one must know when planning a funeral for your loved ones.

1. Types of Funeral Services and Funeral Arrangements

In Singapore funeral services and funeral arrangements are broadly categorised as religious or non-religious funeral ceremonies. Before anything else, you must decide which type of funeral service you are going to arrange. We offer a variety of funeral packages for both religious and non-religious funerals for all religions.

2. The Deceased’s Final Wishes

In the past, it was a common understanding that the elderly who are likely to pass on due to health reasons, put forward a will for their family members stating the types of funeral services they would have preferred. In other times, the parting member may have expressed some form of expectations of their preferred funeral arrangements. In either scenario, the funeral arrangements should factor in any instructions left behind by the deceased, giving it priority consideration above everything else.

3. The Types of Funeral Packages Available and the Total Cost of Funeral Services

With the rising cost of living in Singapore, it can be quite expensive to conduct funeral services if you do not set a budget. During times as such, you may even end up spending ahead of your budget and your affordability. Hence, despite the situation, one should do a quick calculation and inquiry with trusted funeral companies and learn about their funeral packages before deciding on one that best fits the budget and other considerations. One of the best approaches we suggest is by setting a budget within which you can host a funeral and make necessary funeral arrangements with the help of experts. When planning a budget, do consider any life insurance the deceased may have that can be used to offset some cost of the funeral arrangements.

Over here at A. LifeGrad Funeral Services, we believe everyone deserves one last graduation in life which is memorable for families and friends to grief. We listen, empathize, and customise our funeral packages as per your requirements, ensuring the deceased is given a graceful farewell.